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Vexatious Cognition (Independent 2016)


   Melodic Death Metal experienced meet the excessive Metal-Core in general turning the ground upside-down by minutes where the dominant heavier riffs and total destructible beats combining the sounds for your head-banging pleasurable moments via these Phoenix, Arizona’s lesser-known finest name of The Exiled Martyr which consisting of vocalist Victor Cabrera, lead guitarist Alex Prince, rhythm guitarist Dajean Bell, bassist Oscar Corrales and drummer Aaron Hale; divining the finite enclosures within these uncontrollable tempos of Progressive Extreme Metal alliance of sounds through their debut releasing on Stagnant Waters Breed Life – which containing of eight variable tracks of demolitions to listening by any of fans in a trust for Metal-Core way out there.
You might be one of them whose loving this, enjoying most of them and download the tracks of either a Djent version protests or just a Prog-Metal extreme prejudice music along thus songs like Symbiotic, Karmic Apogee and The Illuminist. 

Within a creepy product album artwork by the front cover artists - Andri Maulana, creatively. 

Stagnant Waters Breed Life: