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Unaware Radiant (Middle Pillar Presents 2000)

Mixed, engineered and produced by the Darkwave Rock duo of Roger Frace and Summer Bowman from the Austin, Texas’s group – The Machine in The Garden like a diabolic Pop-Electro and Goth combinations out of the mists after the last Spring’s rain days as the cold wind blows out whispering by the moonlight gloomy evening for the war-drumming faded into end but the desperate depressive embarks and following you steps by steps through the edge of the woods spreading mystical messages from the crying elves from the deep dark tunnels below Earth like eerie harmony vocals of a female form – ghastly, mesmerizing and hypnotically presents for these days of sorrow among sad stories. Out of The Mists must be annually deserted and beyond recognition to be abandoned in anthems; closely, buried every single happiness deeper six feet under whilst the melodic whispers haunting the stereo from how the band did their efforts pretty well deserved only for funeral or magic rituals which none shall exhibits for free but leaving their souls behind these harmonic Dark-Wave and Electro Goth presents as a gift for knowledge or life itself. Classic and thrilling in icy cold dying Pop sounds with Folk essence majestically, sending the smog of mystery higher and untouched hidden inside Valentine, Oh Dear, Intrigue, Fates and Furies onto Every Thing She is and Rusty Haloes. 

You will never be cured again because there’s some wounds meant to be everlasting bleeds. 

Out of The Mists: