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Third Time Feel (Eurostar 1992)

This World’s For Everyone is a very good recording made to be released for peaceful, environmental and charity purposes by the English New Wave/Synth-Pop group The Korgis who mainly driven by its original members like Andy Cresswell-Davis, James Warren and Phil Harrison among others additional players as you can see that the songs recorded n this album such as Hold On, Work Together, Hunger, Who are these tears for anyway to Wreckage of a Broken Heart or the hit single from the band due that time – Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime are truly sounding Pop but carrying thus essential courage on telling stories with various background contains of soft-politics, environmental issues, tranquility thoughts to love in general as you liking them all by play the record mid-tempo louder or slower or skipping some tracks before left it behind as the original version or the bonus tracks included one. 

Remember this as a sign of a good reminder - if you liking Simple Minds or U2; this one suits for you !

This World's for Everyone: