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The Viral Raid (Iron Shield Records 2014)

Drilling your skull with the sudden attacks of Classic Speed Metal and Old-School Thrash Metal like typhoon storm destroying the land as it approaching fast with nobody can predict it until too damn late. From Berlin taken no prisoners but devastation themes as it well-deserved as lesser-known project band off the members gang established themselves as Reactory where some Road Kill Zombies or Deathcup or Tankobot joining forces with this heavy group releasing for the second one through High On Radiation which blasting plenty of hell-crazy fast chords or riffs like Motorhead on infecting acid plus too much tequila might sounding similar to this band. 

The quartet of Reactory: Hanz Hazard, Jerry Reactor, Jonny Master and Starchu Crash may not always looking like Metallica but sometimes in the middle of this madness recording; you will find that the band really sounded better than Metallica in some parts or another – as Thrash Metal reigns your stereo within Spreading Brutality, Kingdom of Sin, A.B.C Warfare or Metal Invasion and Orbit of Theia. 

High On Radiation: