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Swedish Prisoners (Van 2016)


   Thomas Jefferson Cowgill must be a very calm guy whom liking Goth-New Wave combinations of Rock Music much and exactly, won’t giving you too much smiling face when you meet him under the rainy evening near the dark alley around Seattle, WA area. Calling himself by the stage name of King Dude – as this devotional lower Neo-Folk ballads with piano lessons and Lo-fi Blues Rock through Pych Post-Punk mixing from the singer whose also performing other instruments and written his own songs to this record to be released via the sinister low-profiled tracks from the album Sex. Within Holy Christos the opening of two minutes more sorrows to the next one on Who Taught You How to Love, I Wanna Die at 69, Our Love Will Carry On or Conflict & Climax and more sicker themes led by a mad-driven imaginations based on nudity, New Wave and Neo-Goth perseverance issues. The vocals sounded like Nick Cave playing himself alone while waiting for a measle virus to creeping crawls like thus eerie atmosphere builds around the recording by T.J Cowgill.

There’s nothing sacred but the sacraments themselves as Love, Light and Glory of Lucifer unites the fans and listeners for the path.