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Spiritland (EEE Recordings 2016)

   Just like the apocalypse prediction from Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce in a raw Black Metal version music that never sounded heavenly but hellish as you might prefer to have this Colorado’s mysteries towards mysticism and occults extreme metalheads works to be play on your stereo system as the darkness fell and choking all the goodness, kindness and lights leaving them raped by the creatures from another dimensions as Satan reigns the throne again by laughing in scream while Grok’s releasing on A Spineless Descent showing us the images of meteor showers, the giant Apophis comet striking planet Earth to the river Styx carrying sinners and other left-over with the performance of chaotic triggered metal sounding of the extreme played by E using all the instrumentals or CJH (vocals, noises) combining their visual tests among others until they found the exact unlocked doors over how the evil-doers planning to make people snapped and attacking each-others using violent and shutting down the brain nerves except the important congestion for eating flesh (or human). The old school Symphonic Black Metal within the melodies but also Lo-fi circuits ready to obey the sickening of some man‘s bravery ordering to kill an innocent infants or little kids; as Kingdom of The Created Shapes. All Truths are but Half Truth. 
If you got chances for seeing them live means that everything must go down and those people really had a torturing like you have never before now – easy to exploits into Black Metal crazy troops and shredders fanatically, non-compromising.

A Spineless Descent: