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Solar Fluffy Electric (Flipside Records 1995)

   Like someone being sent up to reaching heaven in an astronaut suits but space did planning something else to him and after several minutes floating; an asteroid hits you and taken you for a ride with it and that would be how the beginning of this recording debut 25,000 Feet Per Second started. Build and being imaginary closer to reality in self-written music of Desert Rock and Psychedelic Space Rock Stoner from the corner of Los Angeles – the group consisting of four: Brandon LaBelle, Buck McGibbony, Michael Esther and Tommy Grenas in flesh standing tall and facing the truth while everything around them lies terribly just like the fake moon landing back in the nineteen seventies but luckily, we got the new ride over the half parts out in the galaxy within this album from Farflung glorifying the buzzing distorted sounds and soft classic rectangular shapes and neaty drumming through Greater Waters, Landing on Cydonia, Don’t Forget to Breathe and Open Your Mouth – like an escape rock over disturbance as then led you to stop there high above the atmosphere of Blue Planet; floating in peace when suddenly – your sight meet the strange dark figure not far from you – after rounding up around our diversity home without a sound …

25,000 Feet Per Second: