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Sleep Paralysis (Pint-Sized Records 2015)

Alberta’s Edmonton four piece of Emo-Punk Screamo with the Garage/Grind influences consisting of vocalist Nicole, guitarist Ashton, drummer Byron and bassist Matt driving your eardrums bleed for couple seconds before measurements within the band’s nihilistic session of recording release through Circle Thinking – an album that filled with crazy chaotic Noise-Rock and nothing less or more.

I Hate Sex bursting their hatred screaming female vocals as it shocked the stereo and old people for not expecting this terrible things coming their way with staccato/riffage guitars, medium fast tempos and non-commercial tunes of them: seven tracks with different taste of experimental structure of Screamo-Rock from semi-satisfaction of San Francisco to explosive edgier on I Fucking Hate Sports or one by Metallica or the closing statement through You + Me = Slipknot perhaps, sounding like a terrifying drunken parody semi-metallic music but truly – these rockers only wanted to bursting freedom of making art-sound which is very freaking far from selling-out(ville). 

Circle Thinking: