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Siege Winter (Unspeakable Axe Records 2015)


   Even with the terrible scary and mystic name for the band itself – hailing from Ottawa, Canada as the blending bursts of Black Metal and Dark Rock to Punk in non-established format but possible to be one of your collection favorites among the lovers for this type of Extreme Music genre; Black Tower tentatively in massive effects attacking our hearing sense with none other than excellent retro metallic solos and screaming female vocals like hell’s coming but yet, again – shocking the audiences for knowing about how beautiful the front woman Erin Ewing would looks like as well within Skottie Magellan or Dave Williams thrown this album – The Secret Fire as an occult-tinged recording as the dark background among the deepest dangerous forest showing the evil castle silhouette on top of the mountain that describing the sounds of the trio as raw, collective and mysterious and doomy atmosphere soon being creates as the recording play on thus stereo like a real threat.
   Get yourself drowning into black magic spells by the lyrics or sounds from the track-listed blasphemous songs like Death March, Black Moon, Shadows or The Dragon Flies. 

They’re sounding relentless and beautiful evil. 

The Secret Fire: