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Secret Agent Whoopee ! (Girl Singer Music 2012)

   Beautiful as crispy vocals actually being owned by Rachael MacFarlane while not too damn joking about any sarcastic themes as the little sister of Seth MacFarlane got time for recording her other personalities as a Smooth Jazz and Fusion-Pop vocalist for her debut album as Hayley Sings (people or fans might knowing the smart teenage girl’s character from the animated series American Dad! Which created by her older brother MacFarlane). Go relaxing yourself and imagining about how awesome this female American comedian lending her groovy voice as the tip-toeing soft and serious but not too damn exaggerating format of recording should spreading and embarks within the good choices of big band and live band performing to becak her up through some of the Classic numbers via Hayley Sings on Sooner or Later, Feelin’ Groovy (The 59th Street Bridge Song) to Out of This World or Never Never Land as well as Since You’ve Asked to Time in a Bottle; sounded astonishing recommended for older listeners or those whom love Jazz-Pop and Broadway theatre musical and being entertains by Rachael MacFarlane not with her clever and idealistic fun or sicker jokes on stage of the stand-up comedy spotlight but for performing fifteen tracks here with all her talents, ability and great looking – by the way which once again shall surprising you.

Hayley Sings: