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Rotting Matriach (EEE Recordings 2017)

   Consisting of the meaningless music with too louder noises but really scary to be seriously listenable by one as you meet the strange and mysterious duo whose founding a band: Oaks Of Bethel – Ihr (guitars, vocals, field recordings) and Ain (drums, vocals) as these metalheads droning their everything possible into the making of a raw great and original Ambient Black Metal leading roles through a standard of light and dark borderline from In The Gloaming album. 
Monotonous and too underground for being likes by your spoiled richer kids friends with the opening number of A Drowning King existing for non-biological entertaining of evil spirits journey revisited for about almost twenty-two minutes along for the demiurge atmosphere and non-stop double pedals drumming as the ritual getting closer to reality as even for the non-believers to join or to die. As the second track comes in your stereo; be exactly prepared that you will leave one last bullet for your-self or your brother but for now as the Two-Headed Winged Figures (The Golden Egg and The Circular Mirror). 
Entering the Progressive Mad-House as you didn’t realized it is too damn late for antidote because for this type of depressive extreme music – there’s no; never a cure especially from the underrated group like Oaks Of Bethel – disguising as to be misinterpreted as Christians but in the end falsely giving evidence of fake and lost path as the herds of righteous ones dies.

In The Gloaming: