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Redeem Stand Alone (Self-Released 2011)

   A mixing pot plot on Alternative Rock modern sounds within musicians from Germany – Sabrina Becker (vocals), Nayla (singer, songwriter) from London, Ashkan Mashayekhi (lead singer) from Tehran and Dariush Taghipour a/k/a Avesta (musician, composer) also from Tehran with Mirko Michalzik (guitarist, composer) on blending their ideas and likes of being influenced under the music radar within genres of Post-Grunge, Hard Rock, Nu Metal, Gothic Rock and Pop-Rock independently in London as rocking out to you by the stereo system through this Experimental Oriental Pop-Rock and Metal sounds via the releasing of this mini album – Voices, meet your newcomer heroes of Rock: The Particles. 
For the bountiful loves over Amy Lee, Within Temptations, Lacuna Coil or Nightwish might finding the essential six tracks on the recording release; with the Persian-tinged of Trad-Metal alliance blasts through Fear of The Beast or Crusades and Taken Away. 
Where beautiful voices met excellent music compositions lately.  

Voices e.p: