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Psili Starvo Mu Sui (Self-Released 2015)


   Sit and watch through your window while En etat de Marche opening the releasing album from the Trento (Italy) trio Pugaciov Sulla Luna that playing their mid-tempo simple mixing of either Punk, Psychedelic, Alternative Rock to Brit-Pop active practices music that having sweet melodies and regular easily listening but not too damn commercial for the sell-out right now; easing the solitary walks for courageous and survivals under the psychological struggle events and the chosen few barking noise which sounding like a great reminder for Sonic Youth doing their Pop experiments minus Kim Gordon on the formation.
   There are Aldi Cekrezi, Daniele Zanoni and Riccardo Pro glimmering their ideas unites into composing songs and you might needing to check them out through the album of Freestanding; consisting of ten relevant tracks that you can choose to listening all or some selected like Look ! The World !, Certain Tricks or parallel with Testa di Cristallo or John Coltrane Twisting Blues. 
   Looking down to your past memories through the window again before the song ends as the phone’s ringing and it’s your long lost girlfriend calls you from abroad – telling you she’s going to visit you next week and missing you so much. 

No need to wait for sorry or forgiving just give her the warmest kiss through the line connection and don’t hang up the phone ! 

Pugaciov Sulla Luna: