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Prosiak Prosikanin (Not On Label 2013)

   Sexual deviations, dark humor, faeces, porn, pigs to experimental topic will be your themed choices on this recording that you might not quite understandable on the first try or if you’re not speaking Polish. Sickening and deranged as usual with the more you listening to them the more scary and explicit this Extreme Grindcore band from Strzelce Opolskie, Poland by only being controlled in both composing and written materials that sounding like they’re raping most of the girls from young ones to older hags like Tipper or Hillary for breakfast and even giving the gang-bang of anal Metal Music for boys also – who fucking cares cause Grindcore which made by these maniac duet of vocalist Pig Fucker or Bukkake John on guitars and drum programming; shall releasing the real beast inside of them and yourself as the scene would turning to obscene and more censored images that will be banned for good or leaking on the net mysteriously, might also related to this type of grinding pornographic through disturbing music to hear as the album of Porky Vagina can easily put one in a very laughable mode-on before realizing that the laughs turned to endless cry seeing your girlfriends or moms or someone you knew showing up on television and did the orgy sex party wilder with strangers whose fucking them regretlessly on Chlew Machina album before later – kills them or chopped them in pieces in the end. The insanity animal screams or the Polka-Metal deep penetrations to the shit-feasting slumber club gathering would be “normal” because we already know about how sick our world has become nowadays. 
Dzien w Ktorym Zatrzmal Sie Kombajn, Niegodziwe Grzebani za Bigozem to Swinia Krew Wojonika and Farma Kulawego Prosiaka as being strangely odd and extremely unacceptable by the stupid audience who idiotically let yourself endorsing these terrible recording that giving no respects for women, children or animals. 

Turn your Grind-fucking-Core and Cock N’ Roll loud fuck-face !!! 

Chlew Machina: