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Projections Astral (Profound Lore Records 2016)

The name of A.M.S.G stands for Ad Maiorem Sathanas Gloriam is an actual evil Canadian Black Metal extremists band that one prefer not to listening if they’re not into any type of Extreme Black Metal music like this. Hostis Universi Generis is the band’s third album releases so far and within their abandoning hope to crossing into pitch black realm and leaving the light out for the explosive raw exposures of both demonic atmosphere and satanic lyrics in order to lure every fanatic fans into their music affections terribly too good to be wrongly not had you for a try-out first and perhaps, you’ll change your opinion about how dreadful and challenging Black Metal can really become. Six tracks from A.M.S.G on this album – opens by The Exodus of All Life or Baptized in The Blood of Galaxies with duration for about more than eleven minutes in length to Divine Madness Transcends or the ten minutes more of The Perpetual Dance of Existence and Demise; the harsh noise or power-raging for ritualistic spoken words and spells on worshiping Luciferian-ism artistry as well as a little surprising tend to a closer Prog-Rock moments within the used of digeridoo or meticulous samplings. Doomy experimental type of a new Black Metal or just being conservatively creatives. 

Hostis Universi Generis: