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Popular War Embassy (Unspeakable Axe Records 2013)

   Half of power taken from Biohazard and the other parts being blend to Cross-over from Punk Hardcore and Thrash Metal in combines; rippled the tide of history destructions by the theme tracks coming like a blown-up head because of the intrigue created by the New World Order retold in raging attitude and fast tempos like a slashing killers from Birth A.D  (an Austin, TX) band which consisting of these three metal-heads who dying loves Punk Rock on their veins revealing the essential fighting against the ruler haves and the secret society of the rich trying to controls the pathetic world through their campaign for making people to choose which is bad and ugly and who’s being the good guys in politics, society or dissidence performing in wrath by Jeff Tandy (bass, vocals), Mark Perry (drums) and Brian Morrison (guitars) that making the intensive speeding addictions within their insanity music as written harder for I Blame You – the international anthems for punching the world leaders in faking disguise and stop telling lies among people – where hoax can actually, becoming true or maybe worsen fell, just like the blasting tracks and inspiring march of the outcasts on the city streets; stop everything and company wheels from working in fucking total blockade. 
Eighteen songs of anger, restless, hostile and devastating in any kinds of way perhaps, would be our solutions to re-arranged the face of this planet into humanity-based again or being chaos endlessly. Birth A.D has given you the bursting thus blends of old Slayer and the newer one to the proud and loud - Thrash Metal legacy from the nineties and beyond. Bring Back The Draft, Failed State, Equal Opportunity, Violent Retribution or Short Bus Society really could reminding some of those fanatic fans of how The Exploited or UK Subs used to cracking their brutal sounds for gaining more madness and cleansing missions for making Planet Earth great again !
Fuck You – deep shit wankers !!!

I Blame You: