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Pollute (Svart Records 2015)

World downfall or hatred themes probably, won’t be sounded too damn dangerous without a good signing live head-bashing beats as they’re come in a heavy slow-motion spreading a near deadly experiences in your freaking face like Morbid Evils did.

Silently, build into Extreme Metal establishment by the quartet of Tero Nordlund, Keijo Niinimaa (Nasum/Rotten Sound), Jan Trygg or Timo Niskala; perhaps yes, they’re not Morbid Angel but the destructions caused by their music can also be as devastating as the proceeded names before them. 

This Turku, Finland group releasing their first full-length album: In Hate with The Burning World which pleasantly would making you tremble and losing your grip for the entrance opening gates for Doom metallic sounds and growler vocals consuming the throne ruled by atmosphere only true Metal-Heads would understand. 

Six tracks on this one like South of Hell or Croppled or Cruel, plenty blasting of heavy extreme sessions and semi-occultism and no survivor aftermath …