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Page Five Roswell (Bandcamp 2004)


   Think these nerdy weirdos rockers that performing the strange slow-death version of Grunge music on Horse album by Butt is genuinely, humans. Whether the raging screams over the opening track Caterpillar Supper or Big Horrible on the next one really would forcing you to imagine how on earth that Tad Doyle, Buzz Osborne and the rest of Spinal Tap contingents prefer to perform and establishing a cruel unpleasant growing distortion formations like this but hell must be well because Butt could be consisted only Mario Seaweed or Amy Froggpockets and they're not respectively, sounded encouraging through this release. Independent, non-commercial, Punkish and extra-ordinary would be labelled onto their musical mayhem of Indie-Pop/Alien Worms/Alternative Oil Spilling themed right from St. Louis, Missouri - USA. Not all of them are pathetic and didn't caught attentions for anyone whom trying to listen for Horse (the album); Roll Over It's Head or Cop A Feel might sounded reversed to each other - the other is softly spreading wisdom to the world while the other side - disturbing the surroundings within crazy calls of hilarious thoughts !

(Hardcore-Pop Poetic meets Nerd-Brain Folk)