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Orion Maze (Bandcamp 2013)

Sounding like if you found out the rehearsal Rock N’ Roll sessions by Guns N’ Roses playing some Alternative or Indie Pop Rock tunes behind the stage only using several used musical instruments by having The Stone Roses or other English Indie Rock singer with accent handling the lead vocals for them might be happening for you listening to Coloured Clocks – the Aussie’s Harmony Dream-Pop with Psych-Shoegaze and Cosmic Chillwave from Melbourne. Nothing intrigued but Nectarine release would be a bright essential effects of Pop Progressive relapse of sounds burst within the band’s trademark noisy fuzz and slow beats competence for everyone who loves Indie Pop to liking these mellow rockers from Down Under as well as fixed of mixture of colors for the front artworks displaying apartment compounds in harmony picture perfect terminology just like the music that recorded here on the Nectarine album by them. Feel free to liking the music not because it is far away from the real Guns N’ Roses rocking chaotic brands but for those who loves to listening something slower than the regular Indie Rock from UK to the more bordering places to the Northern part area or tasting this Australian product for the first time - don’t be shy cause Indie Pop is a free sounds for everyone like Nobody’s Watching or Enormous Mushroom or etc.