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Mountain Alive (Bandcamp 2016)

   Composing their likes for the Classic eighties to nineties Heavy Metal riff-age roars and maximized them within the more modern Southern Sludgy metallic personality touch as these Chuggernaut efforts exported straight from Boston, MA in form of an extended play mini-core album of First Batch just like the hundred years beer inside thus wooden barrels kept to be open for a very fucking occasion event and that time is arrived right now ! The climax explosive groovy burst of loudest music of Heavier Metal by the quartet of Jeff Gard (vocals), Dave Cohen (guitars), Eric Alper (bass guitar) and Blaize Collard (drums) might sounded like the moving extra and ex-members of Soundgarden somewhere to the North Carolina and teaming-up with the rest left-over of Corrosion of Conformity gang recording these only few but worth a head-banging listen – while the beer drinking contests continues; whether you choose Mutherfucker or Breaking Glass as your background anthem entrance as the local drunken people, rednecks and non-bra user girls getting nuts circling the arena of death games. 

First Batch: