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Mongolian BBQ (Ninthwave Records 2013)

Relaxing sound of Synth-Pop mesmerizing with cutey vocals left behind from the Alternative Rock era inside Nathalie Archangel’s latest recording release as Raven under the mixing off Pop-Rock music like the female version side of Roxette to Patty Smyth and you might going to love this album cause there’s more presentation over the crossing over Electro-Rock, Acoustic ballads and Retro Country within Michelle’s Friend, You Don’t Own Me, Liberation Day or (Didja) Make Me a Miracle; that constantly sharing the review point of lyrics based on the balance of strength and weakness of a woman matched the equality sound of music produced by the girl whose looking like Cyndi Lauper and posing weirder then her. 

Shake your-self and dance off in relieved feelings ...