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Mocking Swing (Self-Released 2016)


   Hailing from Brighton, UK as its representation for showing how healthy Indie Rock scenery has been quite breeding in popularity as well as good nesting there for anyone whose being a real fans of the genre’s newest producing music by female rocking vocals from Britons like these demanding Black Honey. Consisting of Izzy B Phillips (guitar, vocals), Chris Ostler (guitars), Tommy Taylor (bass) and Tom Dewhurst (drums) for only releasing their singles and mini recording to the world for knowing their music taste little by little and Headspin might be one of thus efforts worth a listen for everyone under the dimmed light and glitters and thin smokes for feasting their eyes over a half-nude sounds and good live band quartet performing their Pop-Rock Indie music on thus four tracks titles of either All My Pride to On Your Time which might reminding us about how expanding the echoes publicity follows the popular sounds like being influenced by the sixties and the late seventies music roots.
   Headspin from Black Honey might turning a plate into a private pool in the middle of nowhere as someone’s eyes shed a tear for hallucinating joy of listening …

Headspin e.p: