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Misery Miss (Self-Released 2013)

Groovy as mighty as you would predicts about them – Atma Weapon as a Greensboro, NC latest exports which providing a healthy Progressive-Rock as well as Melodic Metal flicks emerges for the likes on Coheed and Cambria, Katatonia, Opeth or Between The Buried and Me as Agalloch or Soilwork’s slicing melodies solo erupts in turns within the eclectic sound-made flesh as the screamo/growls harsh vocals acts as the leading role for the band’s effort – Dark  Tower. Includes by Mick Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Brandon Allen (drums), Billy Guynn (bass) and Cameron Johnson (lead guitar) completing the composition and produced and arranged by themselves; Dark Tower perhaps, would sounding a bit like a enclosure enclave of the next chapter for a blending solution between Prog-Metal, groovy Extreme Music and Emo-Rock to be once again generalizing its existence not on the popular side but taken thus more deeper underground passage like this band. Dark Tower sub-title tracks in six parts or the conclusion on Dark Dreamer must be a good concept idea to set this recording and attracts interest from newer Heavy Rock likers as the excessive force of greater jamming session happens to be your choices exactly in performance by Atma Weapon.

Dark Tower: