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McCracken’s Sunshine (ABC/Dunhill Records 1970)


   More recognized by the American Rock Music history as “Father of Woodstock” where he and Michael Lang became good friends and ideas were exchanged for the first and the best Rock N’ Roll outdoor festival show in Saugerties 1969 as a success for him as music promoters rather than musicians and singer. Further more stories that he also got involves with the recording deal with Dion & The Belmonts or The Skyliners as well as sharing stages.
   The Brooklyn born music executive and artist Arthur Lawrence Kornfeld known also as the vice president for Capitol Records but few shall be able to have an opportunity on listening to him finally recording his own music record until The Artie Kornfeld Tree establish their studio album on the beginning of seventies era with A Time to Remember! liberating through Rock N’ Roll Babies or Tears of Yesterday (Chapels of Our Mind) as well as Helpless, Sweet Sweet Music Refrain, First Anniversary Cut and Des Moines Iowa Variety Show. 
   Even for some older people who passing their lives being Hippies or connected to that kinds of ideas for peace might already liking the opener track – Country Morning on 56th Street . 

Hooray for Artie and his trees’ music spreads ! 

A Time to Remember: