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Matutu Adoro Tanta (Bandcamp / Fire 2016)

Cornucopia of goods and lesser of Spanish inquisitions products for the band’s efforts of a blending Folk acoustic and Espana music traditional heritage crossing the unseen border and kiss the modern world sounds as congregated on Mandrugo album of More Amor. 
Sweet and sensible as the windy blows across Western part of Levante and descended their sharing musical crops way through Gibraltar and farther; the consisting members: like infamous Victor Herrero and Jose Luis Herrero and Josephine Foster as participated by special occasion talented works from Taku or Lorena Alvarez, brings the live bands, brass and flute sections to exotic Spanish harmony vocals within La Breva, Manolo, Velluda, Atapuerquillo, Estrella Fugaz and Macho y Hembra – all sounding cleverly describing almost the entire beauty of Andalusian landscapes through musical project. 

You even will have a secret track lies o the last listing of this simply artwork front cover album - just in case you need an encore from Mendrugo … 

More Amor: