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Lyzintine Breble Delve (This Is Music 2012)


   The Electro-Pop duo from UK consisting of Ewan Willmott and Lydia Jones as they bring some of thus Down-Tempo music beats collaborating with the essential romantic ideas or robotic's laser procedures in kissing kindly - your beloved ones as rewards, releasing through mid-air by the package of harmless melodic and harmony vocals among thus crispy sounds through Voltopia recording album.
   Like you being listening to the New Age meets Pop-Culture divas in one corner of sparkling foam-bathing on the other planet which that feelings would shown up while you playing this record in the standard volume as the sun went down in the evening slow and the smiling faced people sitting in front of their balcony for watching the day's faded with the mentioning for choices on the softened perfect tracks on Lacrimosa, Silver, Nameless and Pearly for closing of today.