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Lung Of Lies (Self-Released 2016)


   Mystique but sorrow as the Folkish music that seems bring gladness mixture with the Crusty Punk in atrocity which We The Heathens trying to share to you from the deepest hearts of their souls and acoustic grinding might sounding ridiculous but through this wiser album The Blood Behind The Dam; people of the world would see that not all Punk-rockers are nihilist or pacifist and this Wausau, Wisconsin band whose growling hard as the blending of whispered melodic and double gender vocals might have been unique to deal with your listening sense of torturing centuries in ornaments.
   The Order, Neurotic Decay, Stutter, Fucked Drunk Life and Crooked Kings shall be some of the highlighted songs of anarcho-wisdom which really can turn your minds adrift for thinking twice before you did judge them.
   Punk transforming into more calmer in structure but not by the prospects of being revolt because the roots of it will always be like that (and) yes, it is the long solitude sadder days which might bringing changes to the near next future very soon. 

Mysteriously, they've came like your Punk-Folklore saviors whose finally showed up from behind the uncertainty mist !

The Blood Behind The Dam: