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Lucid Coney Island (Cuneiform Records 2008)

Theme-ing on American mythology to romance of love, death and religious arrangements circular out on most eclectic compositions by these Boston, MA Gothic Rock group led by Brian Carpenter with Peter Dilley, Andrew Stern, Ron Caswell, Mazz Swift and Gavin McCarthy; using the differential draws of experimental or modern classic Cabaret, Appalachian string music, Bluegrass to old-timer Southern Gospel in Gypsy-like strange sounds mystic within the strings arrangements performance towards Kaethe Hostetter (violin, viola), Julia Kent (cello) or Jesse Sparhawk on harp and Brandon Seabrook (tenor banjo, slide guitar, mandolin) as many more additional musicians mesmerizing Beat Circus’ second album Dreamland as you might finding the odd and the mysterious touch creeping in via dark images of amusement park according to this Classic American Gothic music on thus tracks among others: Delirium Tremens, Hypnogogia, The Ghost of Emma Jean and Gyp The Blood. 

A journey through weird disturbing worlds for our urban eerie feelings.