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Little Faith Letters (Bandcamp 2013)

   When you’re lucky – you might found a way to removing pain and received peace and as you finding your way to the gloomy lights; you found the courage and the materials written by Steve Kolowich as this singer, song-writer and performer from Washington D.C closely, whispering his mindful fruits coming out to you as the form of Folk-Pop and Indie Rock messages lyrics perpetually, mesmerizing and actually – protesting the secretive injustice issues story via Country Pop and Folk music enriched by good quality vocals. As being helped by other performance like Bernardo Guzman, Travis Lyon to Noah Mein and Kristine Teets through this independent releasing of Honey If You’re Lucky as the moniker project of one man and friends musical bandwagon: Stranger In The Alps. Let yourself singing like crazy or dancing like stupid dudes but knows that the country situations didn’t quite very good lately, with the rising of false populists and dummy decisions made by the authority – better to get wilder and humming louder via The Mann Gulch Fire (The Wag Dodge Escape) or sweeter evening ballad towards Halo and Disappearing Woman that thrown some good wisdoms to the wind and spreads in fine acoustic sounds. 

Love your country side before you regret it for seeing the last of it without saying hi or goodbye …

Honey If you're Lucky: