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La Nuit Rorrim (Recall/President Records 2006)


   An English girl-duet raising their claws for colorful midget noise blending of Punk-Electro and Power-Pop New Wave legacy in compliment movements standing and delightedly shining their ways for the next generations obeying commands for loving latest Millennium music coverage using their interest and influences from the past musical favorites to the futuristic looks and still selling sensuality through the simple lyrics, listenable music and dancing beats to performs and attracts more and more younger audience or the naughty older ones to liking this releasing records beyond expectations for female voices to ruling the independent charts and wider world by touching the globe with Pop tunes which aren't too cheesy or too sell-out but inspiring. Meet Robots in Disguise; the Liverpudlian teenage girls known as Sue Denim (Suzanne Powell) and Dee Plume (Delia Gaitskell) matching the sexuality looks and formal weirdness into one great glittery package of the unity of both Punk-Pop and Dance Music sounding electrifying and undeniable perfect for a crazy party starter but not fabulously commercial. Too brave for only selling their catchy beats up or gone longer because they're successfully putting more listeners interactively on their net as the track-listed goodies on the smarter title like She's a Color Scientist, Hot Gossip - a good yell for too much channels affecting girls and woman for doing nothing but watch the tube, You Really Got Me to Voodoo that mostly, talking about how the advertisement world around female realm always trying to drag more silly persons to buy products rather than trying to be creative and this things already affecting our children day by day. Get Rid! (the album) would be a new voice to rise the rebels among us the females for not only being a spectators but recently, needs to come out, rocking the dance-floor and creates something infectious for the globe within our living dreams and reality that keeps on sparkling sexy hot - forever !

Get Rid!: