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Karleksmassan (Farewell Records 2009)


   Written their anger and hatred sounds of harder and heavier factions of music in their native language; these Goteborg’s Crust-Hardcore Punk and Doomy group – Marytrdod which consisting of the quartet of metallic messengers named Mikael Kjellman, Pontus Redig, Jens Backelin and Fredrik Reinedahl; with on-parasitically release of pure honest angst of nihilistic and non-politics protests blaster towards this recording of them called Sekt, deductively mounted of twelve tracks of something heavier than just original Heavy Metal with highly distorted sounds, godless riffs to the sacred melodies and powerful raging vocals sharing even more of those bonuses songs further for you to exploring the band’s efforts on this one as the faster and killer sounds choking you to death.

   Stormfodd, Dod At Vek Punk, Gast, Nad and Livet Strangar Dodsackord might reminding us about a raw version of Entombed as a chained Mohawks rampaging the society that locked them up !