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Juniper Louisville (Shimmy Disc 1998)

The Little Sandwich that got a Guilt Complex because He was The Sole Survivor of a Horrible Bus Crash must be a very long and odd track concluded onto the recording of Failure from King Missile III confronting the group’s interest of weirdy spoken words, Independent Music that far from commercialism, Retro sounds with brass-sections muscular realm of strange Pop and Electro Rock which is terribly slow, depressive and groovy by the same time; as the same time swearing isn’t forbidden so you can hear the lead singer shouting “fuck my ass” several times – either it’s a gay signs or rarely, just being moody sore dealing with life itself. The band was protecting the castle at first turning awkward and didn’t like to wait for further more bullshit words from the surrounding society and just releasing their own stuff led by funny faced children swarming around on the front cover to these nutty tracks available inside it such as Monks, A Good Hard Look, The Boy who made out of Bone China or more lazy tones and semi-distorted pranking rocks via the sickness that has been infecting the Alternative Music scene after Cobain’s suicide act followed by the end of Grunge era leaving others like this eccentric King Missile’s sad melodic harmony vocals playing around their own smaller world where safety must be priceless but life still cheap and Rock Music finding its way to camouflage; kept their hallucinated heads obeying the high-rank on the field nearby, sounded like he got prostate stage off stadium 3 but never stopping them to blast raw energy and waste of sperms on stage for themselves like watching home-made porn as habit.