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Hotdamn Woman (Bad Taste Records 2003)

   When you feeling a little bit bored with all of thus new sounds of Emo/Screamo Rock teaming up people – you might always move back and trying to find a decent Classic Hard Rock sounds like Danko Jones; the Toronto, Ontario trio group consisting of the leading role vocalist and guitar player Danko Jones himself with two of his compatriots John “JC” Calabrase (bass guitar) and drummer Rich Knox blasting their Canadian ass-rocking version of a modern comes back off Thin Lizzy era in a big bang arena-tinged music at the loudest. 

   Combining the talented Hard Rock tones and CKY sound-type in one package might leaving you  breathless while head-banging in higher level addicts on more and more tracks concluded on the band’s second effort album We Sweat Blood. For those whom about to rock hard and being decades sticking for being fanatic fans of the names like AC/DC, old Judas Priest, Motorhead and needs a retreat back to the real wilder life again in music – you shall finding up through the magnificent performance for fucking rocking songs on I Love Living in The City, Dance, Forget My Name or Wait a Minute. 

Nothing less and nothing more but the proof of the only maximum Rock N’ Roll beating hard in the face ! 

We Sweat Blood: