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Hips Lips Fingertips (Self-Released 2010)

Strange accent and sensual music beats from this Swedish bombshell princess of Electro-Pop/Groovy Tech/Acid House or Synth-Rock and Trance blender “mistress-mind” whom you need to listening and very carefully analyze if you are one of those favorable fans of Techno-Trance Disco beats of Europe or at least, loving rather more to be electric-shocking by digital music at heart – then, this awesome singer is yours. Ambra Red releasing her DIY recording with the long title: Electronic Creations for Special People as truly sounding full of faster beats, groovy inviting the audiences to filling the dance floor as beers, alcohols and substantive materials taken over the shyness in you and shame already owning the pole on the bar-side naked as luxuriant club-living atmosphere shall be caught instantly by the hands of fate then, squeezing asses and breasts before sealed it with a deadly kiss after midnight. Ambra Red could be your new date for the weekend under the strobes and don’t worry because she’s wearing safety and she’s bullshit-proof too. 

Themed tracks to listen as the closed room party continues should be: Killer Princess, Beauty 606, I Was a Star, Mon Cherie, Game Over or Musique Electronique surrounded by some guys name Ralf, Florian, Karl & Wolfgang – perhaps …

Electronic Creations for Special People: