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Hawklin Potato (Rise Above Records 2016)

   Turn on your stereo louder and press play for this time of the year the Retro Psychedelic Rock n’ Roll and Heavy Metal Classic sounds might emerging as you found out that Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell are one of the ultimate newer version of any glimpse of personality power rocking attitude brought by either Deep Purple, Boogie Rock and Heavy potions of British storming drummers for decades back now – all in one admirable group from Hastings – Sussex. The band’s newest effort approval by the likes for Hard Rock Classic as well baptized their materials on this Keep It Greasy ! might at first, looking like an advertisement of your fried chickens branding package or new legal franchise that open somewhere but Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell weirdy names and attitude put the prospect further more than just a cheap promotions with the heavier technical and silly jokes from the members: Johnny Gorilla (vocals, guitars), Bill Darlington (drums) and Louise Comfort-Wiggett (bass) infiltrating the massive ears for listening to them an pay attentions as the mixed of both progress and simplicity equally, pushing the band to creates something retro with edgier clearance as the public will decided what if the group survived and success or fell aside and die soon but thus licks and solos saving the ground. 

This latest album releasing some of the band’s awesome tracks that shall rocking you and your daddy’s guts too for liking them very much. Paid in Full, Hairy Brainy Part 2 or Tired N’ Wired classically – resting the case as the band really sounding magically could wining and rules !!!

Keep It Greasy: