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Hassled Parasites (Sacred Plague Records 2011)


   Blackened Crust of their blackest feelings or moods craving for thicker Doomy Metal influences balancing the Atmospheric Dark Metal as Sludge riffs and depressions mixing into one thick liquid but sometime you also can hearing the raging Hardcore still erupts among thus depth slumber of slower-tinged penetrations that destroy the killer in fakers and those wannabe mean people instantly and you might grab a hold or chair to seat when suddenly, everything started to turn crumbled with much thanks to this Chico, CA extreme metallic band: Black Hole of Calcutta that inspired by the true cruelty and evil aims from Mother Teresa for the city of Calcutta and the rest of the global world; the group which consisting of cuitarist Ian Makau, frontman Spider, bass player Ben Terhune and drummer Jesse Schreibman releasing this total darker recording session on S/T #1 within twelve tracks each relented to something lethal kept as secrets from the public by only using name-tag codes like Drugs, Teeth, Survive, Human = Earth Slow Death or One wrapped in furious rage.

You need to blackening your heart and soul because the white lights already dead long time ago in every single pathetic thing called humanity !

S/T #1: