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Hamish And Chips (Fishrider Records 2011)


   When the sun shining too bright on your Summer as ice creamy will melts and Jangle-Pop independently available sounding through dull tools called stereo or car-radio; you might finding to meet the way on facing the Dunedin, New Zealand group named Opposite Sex. The not very known trio giving birth to some of their most collectible Pop-tunes of absurdity logic or poetry beats as well as subterranean Lo-fi adventures via the band’s self-titled record. Opposite Sex got their tunes like Sea Shanty to La Rat or Mary Lu and such more like Panther Fight.

   Commencing the trilogy energy of performing what they’d like to do for sounds and never guilty to be braver in playing the materials wrote by themselves without asking too damn much for more Euro-Pop visions, New Wave eccentricity and adorations for market-minded melodies; thanks to the incredible independence ideas coming from the trio: Tim Player (drums, vocals, keyboards), Fergus Taylor (guitars) and Lucy Hunter (vocals, bass, trumpet, piano, keyboards) having the realm of their own tiny world to play inside the compounding border wrapped by weirdness, strange currents noise and non-popular heritage which grabbed along for themselves to buried or spreads as a sharing of music to you.

Opposite Sex: