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Follow Love Down (EMI 1995)

Quiting her infamous new modern day girls group with harmony vocals and reconsidered as one of the most important influences from the nineties era Pop music Wilson Phillips – didn’t actually, making Chynna Phillips in jeopardy because for her singing is the language that universally can be spoken out of her talented voice and interesting looks to everyone and through solo album project once again the radio and television charts welcoming this Pop-Rock diva on her single quest by releasing the recording pleasure via Naked and Sacred album. Everything comes in Pop-Rock and ballads mixes giving the old audiences a sweet reunion memories within the days of how Chynna mesmerizing us not only by cuteness but for most by her exclusive rocking vocals as well as her group popularity rising before the broken-up happens. 
Some of these lyrics which written by herself as some others being represented the works of greater songwriter names like Diane Warren, Rick Nowels to Billy Steinberg and spawning choices for you to taste the power Pop music on When 2000 Comes, I Live For You or This Close and Jewel of My Crown that mostly, sounded like a retrospective vision from her to life and the world. 

Naked and Sacred: