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Fish Pie Trash (Sympathy For The Record Industry 1998)

Available in a very cool artistic painting for the front cover by Mark Ryden; this Various Artists compilation entitled – Their Sympathetic Majesties Request: A Decade of Obscurity and Obsolescence 1988-1998 should be a great collection for you to completing your knowledge for the sub genre of Indie Rock/Pop/Alternative scenery along thus eras which compiling here within more than fifty tracks recorded on the album as mostly names are truly independent bands from the time where simplicities and honesty became a highly acceptance rate and rules to offer to the ill-fated world of Rock Music. Garage, Blues Rock, Rock N’ Roll and Pop-power relentlessly related towards almost through these songs performing by the groups; for example – Crowbar Salvation, The Nomads, The Shitbirds and many more even some known to public already likes Supersuckers and Rocket From The Crypt are there for you. Two compact discs and plenty distorted fuzzing brilliant format of simple rock sounds added by the long-term influenced of Punk Rock, Psychedelic and Heavier Music to combines; we got The Zeros rocking with I Don’t Wanna, Sludge’s Suicide Drive, Chrome Cranks number off Way Out Lover, American Soul Spiders’ Spanish Doll to Devil Dogs music on Get on Your Knees or Panther Burns for Surfside Date. Feel the affecting brought back in lash by Grunge and Seattle Sounds through this magnificent collaborative mixed of any kinds of Rock Music that the modern world needs for now or then; thanks to the album releasing that selling no lies but effective honesty in form of simplicity and the weirdness follows them all shall making the listening moment of yours sounding particularly interesting to continues …