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Eight Grade Hesitate (Help Yourself Records 2014)

Hello and be smiling in blessed for the fans of Teen-Pop Rock with Heavy-beats of sweetie syrup and hardly artistic within too many years in the making; played and performs by Peter Richards (guitars, singing), Claire England (bass guitar, other singing), Andrew Hall (drums, organ, piano, few seconds harmony singing) as these trio from Seattle, Washington in form of a group that calling themselves – Dude York releasing this recording studio album after several singles; Dehumanize truly would reminding the listeners about The Cardigans or Pavement or some other old-fashioned Alternative Rock from the midst of the nineties as they’re having the similarity for being spontaneous and honest fro keeping the creativity flows without killing the essential aims not to depending too darn much on money-oriented music. 
The Spring-times or the gradations of equally colors or relationships or romance or the life in general with problems and lucky stories are written here within some of thus Dude York’s theme tracks. Iris, Idol, Heartland, Burnin’ to Cannibal and Believer for Dehumanize Yourself and Face to Bloodshed reveals the important melodic harmonies as they’re mentioned before as thus sweetener ingredients like sugar, spice or everything nice for making this album which recorded on an old firehouse worthy better because the materials inside it are well-wrote willing and the results are simple artworks, simple music and more fun in up-beats.