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Eel Race (Radicand Records 2013)

Like the most independent artist collaboration on your imagination through Industrial or Punk Rock to Semi-Electronic like the siblings exposed enchantments from Aphex Twin and Sonic Youth; Celiac is actually a solo project recording of a girl named Miel (vocals, guitars, technical support) and her Lenovo Thinkpad (drum loops, synths, e-mails) serving this odd experimental music that also being influenced by either the softer-side of Big black to the Breeders to Kraftwerk from Melbourne, Australia as the releasing of infamous title (like the famous game made out Japan) Ghost in The Shell not begging for mercy or good covering critics from the media but only based on the likes of making music and then, experimenting them to another levels. 
As you can hear her displaying combinations of noises, samples and tones arrangements through the tracks like Taman Shud, Cleaners, N’Djamena or even Safety in Numbers to Precious truly leads our interest fantasies went on and on in blurry terminology for being unsatisfied but anxious as well because humans used to do that when meeting new things. 
Even so – the tracking lists may not serving a real menu of extra inventions by her inventory; still Celiac or the glasses girl - Miel would undeniably deserved an attention from special fans of autobahn and beyond recognition for more experimentation to be served after this one.

Ghost in the Shell: