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Drawn Straws Scribe (Bandcamp 2015)

Literary Indie in the most independent meaning ways to explain here just before you shall becoming annoys by them and their music that mixed thus temporary gloomy-tinged depressions that dominates The Bends recording or how about the instant ideas for musical form pops in spontaneous small glimmer flicks based on many percents of Experimental sounds and the chance of aiming for non-commercial products to give-away sharing to the world without prejudice and bad intentions but stories to tell and sing about as they’re coming to your ears not too loud. Palm’s album of Trading Basics exported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania having more meanings than just displaying a very photographic courtesy of The Livitsanos Family as well as the musical performances being objectively edit and mixed by the members: Eve Alpert, Gerasimos Livitsanos, Kasra Kurt and Hugo Stanley, bringing such those unique and innovative sadder sounds that simply matched the recording and something special on Ankles, Doggy Doctor, Crank to Egg in a Frame and Second Ward. Blessing the importance issues confront the better Pop music to at least, looking back and pay attentions – for the sadness story or unfortunates events where lucks never there may not strike twice on the same place like lightning and thunder. 

So, if you prefer strangeness of a tranquility piece of mind that blows; this album from Palm should be yours ! 

Trading Basics: