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Cremation Fog (Profound Lore Records 2015)

Philadelphian Death Metallers whose forging themselves into the collaborating the more raw or harsh format on other sub-genre upon Metal music that mesmerizing the mad audiences for the total festivities on head-banging actions towards these quartet lining-up band off Pissgrave’s the Mellon Brothers Matt on drums and Tim the shredder-head with vocals to Demian Fenton (guitars, vocals) and John Guarracino (bass) releasing their angry ferocious full studio album for Suicide Euphoria that includes more destructive tracks of terrorizing Death Metal mixed with Black Metal or Extreme other variants that would splattering the listeners in half during the fifteen minutes of their performance within Pain Enchantment, Impaled Vibration, Fields of Scattered Bones and Prevail in Hell to The Second Sorrowful Mystery which wiping out normal civilize people whose dare to listening upon this terrifying and savage album that also adding the most gruesomely pathetic front cover of bones and feces mixed into one that even your own guts will come out along with the puking caused by this severed record ! 

Suicide Euphoria: