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Cinders Heart State (Bandcamp 2017)

Forget if this efforts made of Motown or some Southernland neat recording spot because Trillion is actually a project of Bluesy Hip-Hop with chill Downbeat and remixes performance as soundtrack for life itself, more good friends and family as well as the universe that Jody Lloyd living in and filled his musical sounds and lyrics flee through the enchanted Fire Works package. It might be heavily influenced by either Black Music sources in general but also some experimental colors emerge as the talented Mr. Lloyd as a rapper, producer, DJ, instrumentalist and remix artists also poet or writer to be mentioned as his profile; raising his own self-styling music out of Christchurch, NZ with his background performed as Dark Tower a Hip-op group or Cloudboy duo then, going solo. Whether thus songs with vocals or other instrumentals compiled here such as Dancing on Hot Coals, Lightning The Glow, Blazing Trail Blues and Ray Charles remix of Sticks and Stones over others six tracks inside shall entertaining you – the listeners with great mixed combination of Hip-Hop within New Zealand and Indie-Pop taste.

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