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Tokyo Ashes (Capitol Music France 2013)

An American actress and singer trying to take her chance on the kinds of music she loved the most; Lily Kershaw must be one of those new faces and names swirling around the global media radars-trying not to make too much sensations but only good music to share and sell onto the crowds whom should loving her beautiful looks and gorgeous vocals as the temptations showing clearly through the releasing of her debut album: Midnight in The Garden which consisting of great Pop tunes, artistic spoken poets and classical touches about thirteen themes written softly and reminiscent tasty to listen and consumed by most of the people whom particularly in love so much with solo female artists works and renaissance-tinged of Indie Alternative Music and acoustic based format just like the new Folkish version of the efforts made by Tori Amos or Lisa Loeb. Tune more deeper and listen about how innocent the lyrics and the atmosphere build by the crystal clear music sounding like an angel bonus tracks via As It Seems, Trouble, Bathed in Blue and Good Girl which sparkling mysterious senses filling the air around you. 

Remember her name – it is Lily Kershaw ...

Midnight in The Garden: