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Breath Low Deep (Carpark Records 2014)


   Fully harmony and passionate with sparkling melodies is where the Brooklyn, NY group named Teen shall taking you to a jogging flirts via the encircles track around the Big Apple areas not by using taxi but on foot as the quartet of modern, feminist and Folkish form of Alternative Indoe Pop and Rn’B touches blazing softly like Jangle Pop magic towards Teen’s artistic second recording releases – The Way and Color.
As the members of gorgeous Indie-Folk Pop foursome: Kristina Lieberson, Katherine Lieberson, Lizzie Lieberson and Boshra AlSaadi would delivering their “teeny” music with semi-perfect sounds as the mixer type from several decades of musical influences over them. 
   Listen carefully for Tied Up Tied Down, Not For Long, Rose 4 U and Sticky or Voices that probably, would shining your days with gladness feelings for the likes of either formal Alternative Pop female bands from the late nineties or Art-Rock New Wave that playing also their ballad numbers for one album. 
Teen should be a good choice for entering the midday on your weekend; blending musical sounded better and peacefully awesome but still protecting yourself from being a silly victim over the man’s tricky world – especially, idealistic girls whose always curious to try new things while exploring the city in pairs.

The Way and Color: