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Box Of Dragons (DC2 Studios 2015)

   From The Depth of Reason to …But What’s The Question ? as the life spirituality, space in between nor fantasy driving these rockers of Progressive Metal unit: Odin's Court from Lexington Park – Maryland brings their Classical Prog-Metal release of Turtles All The Way Down as they’re immune to the latest Pop-tinged traps just to make themselves felt alive by using the old devices on song-writings and music composes by Dimetrius LaFavors on vocals; Matt Brookins (vocals, guitars, banjo, keyboards, bass, drums, mandolin to harmonica and mountain dulcimer) with Rick Pierport performing lead guitars and backing vocals as well; credited to creating these amazing compositions of tracks listed on their seventh recording release here. The heavy dominant influences from either Mark Portnoy skills, Pink Floyd in rock version to more imaginary factual events happened in life experiences of each members really possessing the rhythmic and refrains through long solos and mid-tempo armed within high techniques that blasting rocks the presence of Odin’s Court as the dice rolls for told the future and the past within – the songs have been blaring much alive through Insomnia or The Warmth of Mediocrity and Back Where The Daffodils Grow. 

Glorifying life in existence and expands – you might loving to listen on these Prog-Rock group rather than you’ve think before and the musical performance sounded promising. 

Turtles All The Way Down: