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Bionic Woman (Universal Island Records 2007)

Born Robin Miriam Carlsson in Stockholm coming since the midst of nineties era as her first album been released; Robyn again – influenced by hard Synth-Pop to Dance Music and Euro-Pop blending system coming back for more experiences to share to us through this release of her forth record – entitled simply as Robyn (Non-EU version). 

Explicit and exciting fun to watch and follows as the beats covering the floor within colors and thus swearing words won’t stopping you from liking Robyn and her music because she knows pretty well about how to mixing a great odd tones and weird samples into a brand new anthems for the dance floor needs of demanding as not only erasing the thirst but also forcing people to making love right after dancing hard based for Robotboy!, Who’s That Girl ?, Konichiwa Bitches, Bum Like You to Eclipse and Should Have Known.