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Bequeme Stellung (Sounds Of Subterrania 2016)

   Influenced heavily by The Fall or The Gun Club as their sounds really looks too cold but not too depressed – this musical group with its members coming from many places like Madrid, Boston, San Bernardino to London or Paris; your definitive next choice of Stuttgart Krautrock meets the Alternative low-distorted noise as they’re climbing the hidden stairs which rising the hints via this second releases off Human Abfall through Form & Zweck might giving new directions and kinds for attentions over the world towards Flavio Bacon, JFR Moon, Pavel Svart and Ringo Stelzl as the quartet on refreshing the old classic New Wave and Goth Punk format music ready to shown a bite for the next millennium audience and visitors lured onto their dimmed passage of cold noises meet East-Coast Hip-Hop and Modern Pop gloomy blinks on this one. Learn more of them on the track-listing such as Denken Lerner ?, Montags, Es ist Wie Es ist, Neu Leben, Realismus Verpflichtet as well as Zuruck zum Brutalismus. 

Drawing to you the biggest imaginative pictures where Devo’s music and Mobb Depp or Wu-Tang Clan and Nas meeting in one album !

Form & Zweck: