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BashBelly! (Bandcamp 2016)


   Gather around and see what life has bring to you today; where sometimes we might get a surprises but lesser than that probably, a shocking thing that can even jump-scared you in seconds. Rikk Agnew stepping away from his famous past background with Social Distortions or Christian Death representative as this solo effort from him with the help of the rest his friends and loyal musicians closer to him like vocalist Gitane Damone, Sam Hare (guitars, vocals), Justin Parnell (noisy timekeeper) or Gregory A. Watson bass, vocals) releasing this lesser-known recording for completing the newer catalogue from Rikk himself as Learn the album – showing us the scary images about a kin having a face like melting flesh caused by either hazardous materials or new drugs as some might getting furor for seeing a zombie-like humanoid conditions.
   Thrown up or not yet – you need to listening the track-listed of Hardcore-Punk and Pop and fast beats like rocker’s runner through BLVD, Life Stinx, Kitten Robot Blues and Catfight which are really Punkish, punchy and rebellious (and) then, you can passed out for staring to the disgusting picture on the front cover by yourself.